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What kind of cutting machine do I need to make Farren Celeste projects? 

Cricut - Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker models

Silhouette- Silhouette Cameo models

Farren Celeste templates are not compatible with Cricut Joy. The cutting mat size is too small for most projects.

Farren Celeste templates are compatible with Silhouette Portrait, but it is not recommended unless you are an experienced Silhouette Studio user. Instructions are not included on how to move shapes of the template to accommodate the smaller cutting mat.

Can I cut Farren Celeste projects by hand?

Unfortunately, no. Farren Celeste designs contain very intricate shapes which are too difficult to cut by hand. 

What is a SVG file?

A SVG file is a digital cutting template that is used with cutting machines likes Cricut and Silhouette. It stands for scaleable vector graphic, meaning it can be resized in the cutting machine’s software without losing image or cut quality.

SVG files work with Cricut Design Space on computer, iPad or mobile and upgraded versions of Silhouette Studio. 

SVG files will not work with Basic Edition of Silhouette Studio, the free software that comes with Silhouette cutting machines.

What is a Studio3 file?

Studio3 files are digital cutting templates specifically for use with Silhouette cutting machines. They will work will all versions of Silhouette Studio including the free and upgraded versions. Like svg files, they can be resized in the cutting machine’s software without losing image or cut quality.

Templates are available in studio3 file formats for use with Basic Edition of Silhouette Studio.

What file formats do the templates come in? Are JPG and PNGs included?

Each Farren Celeste template will come in SVG and Studio3 file formats. 

.svg - for use with Cricut Design Space and upgraded versions of Silhouette Studio

.studio3 - for use with Silhouette Studio Basic Edition

Farren Celeste templates do not come with JPG or PNG files. These file types are not optimized for the cutting machine software and are not as high quality as the svg and studio3 files. 

What is included in the Workshops?

  • Designer quality templates for use with Cricut and Silhouette cutting machines
  • Step by step video tutorial instructions including:
  • How to cut the template in Cricut Design Space
  • How to cut the template in Silhouette Studio 
  • Assembly Tutorial 
  • Material Checklist
  • Links to the exact papers I use

What is the difference between Online Workshops and Mini Online Workshops?

Online Workshops include more detailed designs that require more steps and time to create. Online Workshops go more in depth on how to make the project and include extra bonus information to maximize use of the templates.

Mini Online Workshops are for quick and easy Farren Celeste projects. They still include step by step instructions, but the designs are simpler and don’t require as much in depth information.

How do I access the Online Workshops?

Once your order is processed, you will receive an email that will redirect you to enroll into the Farren Celeste Workshop portal. Create a free account with your email address and password. You will also receive individual emails for each workshop you purhcase. Once you create an account, you can log into the workshop portal to access all of your purchased workshops. If you are having trouble accessing your workshops, please contact us at

Can I purchase the template by itself without the Workshop?

Template only purchases are available for purchase without video tutorial instruction.

Online workshop purchases cannot be purchased with the template only. Each design is carefully crafted with unique assembly methods that require video tutorial instruction… It is equivalent to being in a new city without Google Maps, wandering around with no directions on where you need to go. Could you figure it out? Maybe…But, it would take a lot of unnecessary time and frustration. 

Are Farren Celeste projects beginner friendly?

Yes! No experience is required to make a Farren Celeste project. My online workshops will walk you through how to cut the template with your Cricut or Silhouette and how to assemble it step by step. 

Do I need to resize the templates?

No. All templates will upload in the exact sizing I use to make my paper projects. However, if you wish to resize the template to make different size flowers or cards you can do so without losing image or cut quality.

Can I sell the paper products I make using Farren Celeste templates? 

Yes. Farren Celeste templates are for both personal and commercial use. Each design includes a commercial license that allow you to sell up to 500 fully assembled paper products. Read each product listing for the full terms and conditions.

The commercial license does not allow:

Reselling, sharing, or sublicensing of the Farren Celeste svg file, video tutorials, or instructional materials.

Sharing or making public the SVG file itself, design elements included in the SVG file, video tutorials, assembly methods of the paper flowers, or instructional information.

Falsely representing or misrepresenting authorship and/or ownership of the Farren Celeste svg file, video tutorials, or instructional materials.

Violation of Farren Celeste terms and conditions can result in termination of access to Farren Celeste workshops. 

What kind of paper do I need to make Farren Celeste projects?

Cardstock paper. See each product for more details. Each workshop includes links to the exact papers I use. 

What's the difference between Online Workshops and Templates?

Farren Celeste Workshops include digital download templates for cutting machines and access to online workshops with detailed step by step video tutorial instruction.

Farren Celeste Templates are template only digital downloads. These are simpler designs created for cutting machines that do not require as much assembly or explanation to create. Template only digital downloads do not include video tutorial instructions.

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